Got Lost and Almost Ran out of Gas! (w/ Yamaha FZ-07)

While heading to a party, my GPS malfunctions, I get lost, I almost run out of gas, but the view sure is nice.

Tried Restoring the Boat’s Color… (w/ Dodge Viper)

Despite high hopes about restoring the boat’s fading color, the harsh hand of reality slapped me in the face. And then we fixed a light.

Car Fire! (Driving & Riding: September Edition)

This month we see a wandering road fowl, some clueless drivers, and a car fire…

Slight Change of Plans… (w/ Yamaha FZ-07)

I tried being a responsible adult, but that plan quickly came unraveled as my day of errand-running progressed…

Went Boating, Broke a Rib!

Increasingly upset over what a great day we were having, I decided something had to be done and went and got myself injured!

Driving & Riding: August Edition

In this month’s installment of Driving & Riding, a stuffed animal graveyard, a drunk duck, and so much more!

Swearing and Testing Helmet Mic! (w/ Yamaha FZ-07)

A quick, yet tasteful blend of mic testing and swearing as I ride around on the Yamaha FZ-07 doing errands!

Cars & Coffee! (w/Dodge Viper)

In the face of questionable skies and a shaky weather forecast, I ignore my fear of water and head out in the Viper to check out a local Cars & Coffee event!

The Yamaha FZ-07 is Fixed! But How Much Did it Cost?

With the FZ back from the shop with a nice, new, slippery rear tire, I briefly discuss cost while sitting awkwardly on the ground.

Driving & Riding: July Edition

In this July edition of Driving & Riding, explosions in the sky, a gang of animals cross the road, and the sun disappears behind the earth!