Month: October 2017

HUGE Corvette Meet at the Ocean! (w/ Dodge Viper)

I get a last minute tip about a HUGE Corvette meet down by the ocean…so I hop in the Viper and go check it out!

I Got There Too Late… (w/ Dodge Viper)

I head to a local car gathering, only to discover that I pretty much missed the whole thing…

Got Lost and Almost Ran out of Gas! (w/ Yamaha FZ-07)

While heading to a party, my GPS malfunctions, I get lost, I almost run out of gas, but the view sure is nice.

Tried Restoring the Boat’s Color… (w/ Dodge Viper)

Despite high hopes about restoring the boat’s fading color, the harsh hand of reality slapped me in the face. And then we fixed a light.

Car Fire! (Driving & Riding: September Edition)

This month we see a wandering road fowl, some clueless drivers, and a car fire…