Car Fire! (Driving & Riding: September Edition)

This month we see a wandering road fowl, some clueless drivers, and a car fire…

Slight Change of Plans… (w/ Yamaha FZ-07)

I tried being a responsible adult, but that plan quickly came unraveled as my day of errand-running progressed…

Went Boating, Broke a Rib!

Increasingly upset over what a great day we were having, I decided something had to be done and went and got myself injured!

Driving & Riding: August Edition

In this month’s installment of Driving & Riding, a stuffed animal graveyard, a drunk duck, and so much more!

Swearing and Testing Helmet Mic! (w/ Yamaha FZ-07)

A quick, yet tasteful blend of mic testing and swearing as I ride around on the Yamaha FZ-07 doing errands!

Cars & Coffee! (w/Dodge Viper)

In the face of questionable skies and a shaky weather forecast, I ignore my fear of water and head out in the Viper to check out a local Cars & Coffee event!

The Yamaha FZ-07 is Fixed! But How Much Did it Cost?

With the FZ back from the shop with a nice, new, slippery rear tire, I briefly discuss cost while sitting awkwardly on the ground.

Driving & Riding: July Edition

In this July edition of Driving & Riding, explosions in the sky, a gang of animals cross the road, and the sun disappears behind the earth!

L.L. Bean Trail Running Festival!

We head to the annual L.L. Bean Trial Running Festival (formerly Solomon Trail Running Festival), where Julie runs like a fiend while I watch lazily from the sidelines…

Summerizing the Boat! (w/ Dodge Viper)

I take the Dodge Viper over my parents’ house and get the boat summerized and ready for the lake!