1994 Dodge Viper RT/10


The Viper is 23 years old; it’s almost an antique, but it certainly doesn’t look, drive, or sound like one.

2015 Honda Civic Si


This is our daily driver; fun, fast, reasonable to buy, and inexpensive to maintain.

1989 Wellcraftimg_2034

This red and white beauty has been in our family over 20 years. Note the mismatched bumpers. Classic.

2006 Suzuki sv650simg_2034

This is the first bike I bought brand-new, and it’s still with me…for now.

1996 Honda Shadow 1100img_2034

Riding two-up on a bike shouldn’t hurt..but it hurt on the SV, so we decided we needed something more appropriate for two-person trips. Enter the shadow.

1982 Suzuki gs650eimg_2034-copy2


Current rebuild project; originally was going for a to cafe racer type of thing, but lately it’s been evolving into more of a tracker.

1975 Honda cb125s

Though this bike is not fast or powerful, it might just be the most fun of all of our bikes…

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